Data Sources
A list of data sources that can be used for creating superagents.


The following contains a list of sources grouped by their branch or industry. Each source has a brief description and a link to its resource.
These sources may be useful for getting detailed data about their industry or branch. Consequently, the data from these may be added to the knowledge graph or be used as a reference for a triple.
Note: many of these sources offer free personal access and/or basic API use, though some do require a paid plan for advanced features. We include all here for convenience.


General data

Registry of Open Data on AWS

  • Contains large amounts of data from governments, research institutes etc. Reliability depends on the source, but large portions of that data are reliable.
  • Documentation:

European open data portal

  • Contains large amounts of data about European business, education, demography, etc. It is managed by the European Union and thus is expected to have high reliability.
  • Provides a SPARQL Search tool to get its data.


  • Contains numerous databases across various subject. The reliability depends on the topic, since it is a community based system.
  • Offer SPARQL queries and linked data access:

Wolfram Alpha

  • Reliable Computational Knowledge Engine:
  • Provides several types of API’s:

Encyclopedia Britannica

  • Reliable dictionary and encyclopedia
  • Provides an API:


World Bank

  • Highly reliable international organisation with strict policies for its data collection. It is a body of the International Monetary Fund, which is trusted by governments and organisations world-wide.
  • Provides data about the state of economies and demography around the world.
  • They have a free API for getting their data:
​World Bank​

Open Corporates (paid source)

  • Organisation dedicated to providing reliable data. It is trusted by journalists, business analysts and NGOs.
  • Provides data about companies around the world.
  • Has a paid API tool:
​Open Corporates​

Global Data (paid source)

  • Reliable organisation trusted by business analysts.
  • Provides premium detailed data about companies in various industries.
  • Has a paid access to their database.

UN Comtrade Database

  • Highly reliable international trade data
  • Provides an API:


  • Open registry of numerous companies:


Institute of Education Sciences

  • Aggregates data about Educational facilities.
Education Data Portal
  • Provides information about US schools, schools districts and colleges.
  • Has an API:

World Higher Education Database

  • Is highly reliable as it cooperates with UNESCO and International Universities Bureau.
  • Provides a variety of data about various universities in many countries.
  • One has to apply for advanced search


Association for Computing Machinery Digital Library

  • Provides a lot of technology research papers, books, etc.

United States Patent and Trademark Office

  • Highly reliable public office data about US registered patents and trademarks.
  • Provides an API

European Patent office

  • Highly reliable public office data about European registered patents.
  • Provides an API:

Science and research

World Health Organization

  • A highly reliable international organisation with large sets of data.
  • Provides an API for some of its data:

Web of science journals $

  • Gives access to various scientific journals.
  • Provides an API:
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