Testnet Phase 2

Learn about the next phase of the Golden testnet
Testnet phase 2 introduces new requirements for submitters and verifiers prior to earning points and impacting consensus. Testnet phase 2 is designed to improve data quality and limit the influence of lazy voting and Sybil attacks. These are the initial mechanics of testnet phase 2 and are subject to modification and improvement.
Important note: Historical Testnet Phase 1 points will remain for good actors.
  • All existing and new users must pass a qualification process to earn points.
  • There exists new groups of users: Elected Verifiers, Qualified Verifiers, Qualified Submitters and everyone else.
  • Only Qualified Verifiers votes impact consensus.
  • Only Qualified Submitters are able to submit data.
  • Elected Verifiers are used to set accuracy benchmarks for the qualification process.
  • Users who have not passed the qualification process will not earn points in this phase.
  • Historical Testnet Phase 1 points will be respected for good actors.
  • Bad actors will get banned from the system.
  • Users who vote with sufficient similarity to the Elected Verifiers will be promoted to a Qualified Verifier.
  • Once you are a Qualified Verifier you are given 500 points for collateralization purposes. You will need to stake these points in order to begin performing actions.
  • Elected Verifiers are selected based on verification accuracy.
  • A Qualified Verifier whose verification accuracy falls below the required threshold will lose the Qualified Verifier status and will not earn points until the status is regained.
  • API users can query userRoles in our GraphQL API to see if an account is a QUALIFIED_VERIFIER or ELECTED_VERIFIER.
  • Submitters will first need to become a Qualified Verifier before submitting data. We will be introducing a new mechanism to qualify as a submitter without the need to perform verification.
  • Votes during the qualification phase do not impact consensus and will not earn points.