Golden Protocol FAQ

Learn about the Golden Protocol and how you can help build the worlds largest decentralized knowledge graph.

What is the background of Golden?

Golden is building a permissionless, open-source protocol that incentivizes the collection and verification of canonical knowledge, which will be offered to the public for free and as a paid service to commercial entities. Golden started as a web2 company in San Francisco and has since raised $60m from leading investors ranging from a16z crypto to Balaji to Founders Fund and many others.

I am new here, how can I help?

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    Start by creating an account on and following the guide to Add Wallet to (settings → connect wallet). If you have already made a account, just connect your wallet.
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    Sign in to the Golden dApp by following: Accessing the dApp.
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    Help grow the knowledge graph by adding data triples and citations to entity pages. Follow our Adding Structured Data Guide to get started.
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      Submit triples: Users that submit fact triples that go on to be accepted will be eligible for mainnet incentives. Please note, there is no need to paste edits of data triples and citations into Discord, we have a log of your efforts!
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      Verify triples: Users can become eligible for a future airdrop by verifying triples that get accepted by the protocol on Please follow our Triple Verification Guide when verifying.
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    Are you a builder (developer, data scientist etc.) that can help us? Let us know in Discord by introducing yourself.
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    Share the project! Tell your friends, developers, or family. Join our Discord and invite like-minded people to

What’s the TLDR on how the protocol works?

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    Incentives for submission and verification: Incentives are earned by submitters and verifiers for loading and verifying true facts (triples) into the knowledge graph. E.g. ‘Apple’ ‘was founded in’ ‘1976’. Verifiers confirm the correctness of the triples by voting. Once the number of votes reaches a statistical threshold, the ‘fact’ is accepted by the knowledge graph and immutably stored. As the knowledge graph grows, the data itself can be used to aid verification. Submitters and verifiers gain a reputation score as triples are accepted.
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    Data NFTs, fractional ownership, and revenue sharing: NFTs are used to organize fractional ownership between the creators of the data associated with each unique entity. Various canonical data can be associated with the unique data NFTs including triples, natural language in various translations, canonical images, or otherwise. These NFTs will assist with disambiguation and allow fractionalized ownership for the submitters, verifiers, and the protocol. Revenue shared from commercial data usage can be distributed to the creators of the data and protocol. Copyright law is used to protect intellectual property and afford commercial usage of the data while allowing free usage by the public.
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    Anti-gaming: A Sybil attack resistance, game-theoretic approach is used to provide asymmetric costs to gaming the protocol. Slashing staked collateral is a mechanic used to prevent submitters and verifiers from incorrectly submitting or voting. Reputation scores are implemented to increase efficiency in staking and slashing. Voting is blind.
V0 system design:

When will a mainnet incentive be released?

There is currently no mainnet incentive and no set date for release for any incentives. The team is still in the process of designing appropriate incentives for the protocol and will clearly communicate this well in advance of the launch
⚠️ Important: We will *never* directly message you about any form of public sale, so please do not interact with any such messages, as they are spam. When we launch on mainnet, we will do so clearly on multiple marketing channels including Discord announcements channels, Twitter, and, email, and our blog.
The team is working aggressively towards a mainnet launch. Currently, we are creating our protocol and dApp on the testnet. We will announce an estimated launch date as we further build the protocol. We are building Golden in an SEC-compliant manner and are not cutting corners with compliance.

What activities can I perform?

At this time, performing the following tasks may qualify you to earn testnet points:
  • Submitting triples that go on to be accepted
  • Performing triple verifications that go to agree with voting consensus
  • Developing protocol code
  • Adding citations to triples that do not have a citation already
Up to 1% of the token treasury will be awarded to the community for correct data submission and verification.

How can I perform triple submission tasks?

You can use our infobox editor here to edit triples. Please follow our Adding Structured Data Guide. We are currently only accepting triples in the English language, though we plan to expand this as soon as possible.

How can I perform verification tasks?

The Triple Verification Guide covers mechanics and common questions around verification.

I have been adding triples, are my efforts being counted?

Yes. You will eligible for incentive rewards relative to the number of correct triples you have submitted when we launch our token on the mainnet.
Note: for additions to be counted towards rewards they must follow the Adding Structured Data Guide and not attempt to game the protocol.

I have been adding citations, are my efforts being counted?

Yes. Adding valid citations to any triple that is missing a citation will qualify you for rewards, in addition to helping the triples you have cited become verified more quickly. Citations should be added to triples that are not URL-based predicates.

Will any contribution to count for a future incentive reward?

No. We are focused on triples that go on to be verified along with citations for triples. As of February 16, 2022, natural language and prose in articles will not be rewarded. If you still wish to contribute prose, please follow our Writing Guide. We are currently only accepting prose in the English language, though we plan to expand this as soon as possible.

What is the difference between and the dApp ( is the current place to register your user account, connect your wallet and submit triple data (with citations). The dApp is a minimal dApp on testnet with a focused UI around verification.

Initial testnet point allocations will not be considered for incentive rewards

The initial testnet points that are allocated when a user joins the dApp are used as an initial staking mechanic by the protocol to enable triple submission and verification. This initial testnet point allocation will NOT be considered in a future mainnet incentive reward. Testnet points are designed to reward users for taking positive actions in the protocol.

How can I find my position on the leaderboard?

You may be able to find your current position on the leaderboard. If the number of ‘submissions’ and ‘accepted triples’ you see associated with your wallet seem lower than expected, this is because your submissions from are still being imported and verifiers still need to vote on them.

Why is Golden the right team to build this?

Golden’s team has crypto enthusiasts dating back to 2011, some being early users and supporters of BTC. Golden's investors have also been at the heart of many crypto projects we see in the market today.

Do I need to paste the edit I have done into Discord?

No, we have full logs of all edits being made on and the dApp.

When are other languages going to be supported?

We want to prove the unit economics and security of the system first in English (the language of our original team). If it works, we want to open up to multiple languages (as it should be!). Please don’t make non-English edits at this point, as we don’t support it yet.

I want to be a mod in Discord, how should I approach Golden?

We are still configuring Discord for mass scale. At this time, please refrain from DMing team members as this will only slow the protocol development down. However, long term, we are interested in mods. If you have experience in this area, please add that to your introduction in the "introductions" channel. We are booting up moderators in a careful way to prevent security issues.

Can I change the eth account address associated with my account / used to login into

You cannot change the eth account address associated with your account or that you used to login into This would cause issues with how attribution for effort is tracked. To use a new .eth account, please create a new account on
We plan to explore how we can help users not lose previous work in the case of wallet hacks, loss of login information, etc., in the context of these technical constraints.