Incentivized Testnet Activities

Learn how to earn testnet rewards by helping build the Golden Protocol.
Note: Specific reward allocation for each activity is being worked on and calibrated to a budget that rewards up to 1% of the initial supply of mainnet incentives at protocol launch.

Entity and Triple Submission

Testnet rewards may be earned by adding information to the knowledge graph. Additions may be done manually through the structured information tab on entity pages or programmatically using the API.
Triple submission: initially 6 points* for each submission that becomes accepted.
Bonus submission incentives: predicates that are specifically valuable to the graph will be rewarded at higher rates.
Entity creation: Earn rewards for creating entities. The reward for an entity's creation is the sum of rewards given for submitting the required triples to create the entity.
Read the Triple Submission Guide to get started.

Triple Verification

Testnet rewards may be earned by verifying triples that have been proposed for addition to the knowledge graph. You may do this manually on the Golden dApp or programmatically by using the API.
Verification vote: initially 1 point* for each verification vote that goes on to agree with the decision of the acceptance or rejection. ​
Read the Triple Verification Guide to get started.
*The amount rewarded for triple submission, verification, and entity creation will change as we calibrate and load balance the system to the benefit of all stakeholders of the protocol. We expect the number of points for triples submission, verification and entity creation to lower over time. [Rewards will become dynamic based on a reward function to be defined later].​

Developer Contributions

We welcome developers to improve our open-source repositories on Github. ​
We also encourage new development efforts, such as web extension tools, extraction tools and frameworks for programmatic user submissions and verifications. If planning to create a new project, please create a post on the forum for visibility and for the Golden team and community to offer feedback on the proposed approach. Users are encouraged to work together; rewards will be given relative to the value each user has added. If working as a team, please include a summary of each user's relative contributions in the pull request. Pull requests need to be accepted for the reward to be given out.​
Please see How to get involved for more information on specific projects to build. ​
Significant contribution
  • Up to 1,000,000 points
  • Large-scale independent projects that get approved through forum discussion. Examples may include:
    1. 1.
      Creating services to increase programmatic user efficiency
    2. 2.
      Adding or improving anti-gaming mechanisms to the protocol
    3. 3.
      Dynamic reward functions
Medium contribution
  • Up to 150,000 points
  • Improvements to a repository or smaller-scale new project. Examples may include:
    1. 1.
      Improvements to harden and further secure smart contract logic
    2. 2.
      Refactoring protocol or dApp code to yield a material performance increase
Small contribution
  • Up to 5,000 points
  • Smaller improvements to an existing repository. Examples may include:
    1. 1.
      Extending the utility of an existing function of the Python SDK
    2. 2.
      Detailed guide for programmatic users using the GraphQL API

Security Bug Bounties

Read about our Security Bug Bounty Program here.

Community Contributions

Rewards will be given out to those who consistently improve the quality and depth of the community.
Community recognition award
  • Up to 50,000 points
  • Each month, we will recognize up to 5 users who helped grow the community and made it more accessible. We want to highlight those bringing in and onboarding new members to Discord, pushing forward discussions on Discourse, or promoting Golden through other channels to help grow our community.

Protocol, Governance, and Schema Contributions

Submitting and successfully passing a proposal may qualify you for testnet rewards. Please submit proposals using the forum. Currently, we are accepting predicate proposals.
Successful proposal submission reward
  • Up to 10,000 points
  • Examples may include proposing a specific mechanic for handling duplicate entities, their merging, and the resulting attribution of testnet rewards


After completing a developer, protocol, governance, or schema contribution, a payout request should be made through the following form:
Request a payout --> Testnet Contributor Form (paused for form upgrades)
Note: Payouts are currently made in the form of testnet rewards only.

Testnet Guidelines

Testnet Rewards
The Golden Incentivized Testnet program will distribute up to 1% of the initial supply of mainnet incentives to eligible participants, proportional to your testnet rewards. Testnet rewards are used solely to track contributions to Golden’s Incentivized Testnet and have no cash or monetary value. Testnet rewards are not transferable and are not redeemable or exchangeable for any cryptocurrency or digital assets. For eligible users under relevant securities laws, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to distribute incentives to eligible testnet participants. Incentive distribution may be canceled at any time due to regulatory concerns. We reserve the right to amend or eliminate testnet rewards at any time.​
Maintenance and Unforeseeable Events​
In the event that legal or regulatory issues arise, rewards may be restructured, postponed, or even canceled. Golden reserves the right to clear data in the protocol for development purposes. Your score will be saved before a restart happens.
Have an idea not covered here? Suggest it on the forum.