IP Ownership
Entities will have IP around their data, potentially stored in the NFT around that entity.

What role does IP ownership have in the protocol?

IP ownership could be tied to NFT ownership to create further long-term incentives to contribute data. The protocol could charge commercial users for usage of data in the protocol, and still allow free usage of the data for non-commerical users. We are curious to open up a conversation with the community on different ways that IP can be leveraged, shared, assigned, or otherwise used in the protocol.

Unsolved questions

  • [Open Question] Should IP ownership for a specific entity be owned by the Golden protocol DAO or NFT holders?
  • [Open Question] What commercial use cases for the usage of IP around entities?
  • [Open Question] What would community enforcement of copyright around the IP look like?
  • [Open Question] Is there a specific commercial license that should be used around IP? Is there an opportunity for a new commercial license specific to IP in the Golden Protocol?
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What role does IP ownership have in the protocol?
Unsolved questions