How to get involved

Help build functional elements of the Golden Protocol.

We welcome you to help define and build meaningful parts of the Golden protocol. Below we have identified projects and concepts of high value to the protocol's development. Working on these projects may make you eligible to earn testnet points; see the guidelines on incentivized activities.

Protocol development

Currently needed:
Additional concepts:
  • Economic scalability improvements
  • Burn-and-mint model development
  • Solutions for new anti-gaming mechanics
  • Blockchain data storage and mutation improvements

Data addition and verification

Currently needed:
Additional concepts:
  • Handling triple and data mutations
  • Data extraction, web crawling, aggregation, and submission tools that interact with the protocol API
  • Data quality services, deduplication detection, disambiguation services
  • Auto verification via protocol API using AI models and intelligence


Currently needed:
​IP Ownership​
Additional concepts:
  • Schema improvements
    • Qualifiers
    • Re-verification after a certain time period
    • Subclass/superclass relationships
  • Governance Process