Predicate Naming Convention

Capitalization Rules

Predicates should use title case capitalization as outlined by the AMA Manual of Style.

Main Rule

Major words are capitalized and minor words are lowercase.
Major words: Nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, subordinating conjunctions, and 4+ letter words
Minor words: Coordinating/correlative conjunctions, short prepositions, articles, and <3 letter words

Additional Rules

Capitalize the following:
  • The first word
  • Every letter of an acronym
  • Second word when a virgule (/) is used and it is a major word
  • Major words in parentheses
  • Both the verb and the particle of a phrasal verb
Lowercase the following:
  • “To” in infinitives
  • Second part of a hyphenated word unless it is a major word

Other Rules

  • Predicates for web addresses should use URL (e.g. “Repository URL”) and not other words such as “Link.”