Getting started as a submitter or verifier

Help build the decentralized protocol for knowledge by submitting and verifying information at scale.

Steps TL;DR

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    Follow the quick start guide in the API docs
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    Explore the available guides, data schema, Apps and Demos, datasets, and posts.

Getting into the dApp and collecting your JWT authentication token

To access the Golden protocol API you need to first authenticate with a JWT token. To get your token:
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    Follow Accessing the dApp to create an account and gain access to the dApp. After successfully logging in you will be able to visit your settings page to retrieve your JWT token.
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    You can test that your token is working correctly by using one of our Apps and Demos.
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    Read the Golden Protocol API Docs to get started with the GraphQL API or Python SDK.

Learn the knowledge graph schema

Before submitting or verifying data it is essential to understand the schema for the knowledge graph. The graph is created from subject predicate object (SPO) triples, for more background information read Triple.
  • You can currently submit and verify information related to the predicates listed in the protocol schema.
  • If the information you wish to submit is not included in this schema, you may request it through the Predicate Improvement Process.

API/SDK Tutorials

Data submission

For a full tutorial on data submission follow the disambiguation walkthrough readPython SDK Disambiguation Tutorial.


Instructions on identifying and completing bounties for additional rewards are detailed inCompleting a Bounty.


A verification tutorial using the Python SDK can be found at Verification.