Terms and Policies

By using this API you are accepting the Golden.com Terms and Conditions.
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Protocol API Status: testnet

Currently, the Golden Protocol API is operational exclusively as an AS IS testnet development service. There is no implied service level agreement; the Golden Protocol API service may become unresponsive or experience breaking changes at any time.

Commercial usage

If you wish to use the Golden Protocol API or data in a commercial application you must contact [email protected] to purchase a license and follow the Commercial Terms and Conditions.

Protocol API usage guidelines

This API is designed to make it easy for information to be added and retrieved from the Golden Protocol. This API does not grant commercial usage rights.
✅ Do develop apps and processes to submit and verify data.
✅ Do develop apps and processes to display Golden Protocol data with proper attribution.
🚫 Do not use this API or data to produce commercial applications without authorization. Contact [email protected] for more information.
🚫 Do not redistribute or mirror this API or data.
Read the full terms and conditions for specific details.