Data Plugins

Plugins for software and applications to disambiguate and import data to the graph.
We at Golden would like to encourage the community to develop and share open source plugins for commonly used software and applications that can be used to disambiguate and import data (i.e. CSVs). This enables users to utilize their application of choice to contribute to the knowledge graph.
Plugins will be listed here after they are developed and tested. Contributors are eligible to apply for a bounty payout for their efforts. [See our incentivized testnet activities page for more information](protocol/

List of Plugins

None for now! Who will be the first to contribute?

Plugin Requirements

Data plugins should leverage extensibility that already exist in common spreadsheet and data platforms. Users must be able to use the existing platform to upload, view, and edit a dataset. The plugin itself must expand features of the platform to:
  • Map data: For example, rows to individual entities and columns to specific predicates
  • Disambiguate data: Use the disambiguation service to identify existing entities, including a workflow that separates the creation of new entities and updates to existing entities
  • Import data: After disambiguation is complete, users can trigger an action which creates new triples and new entities
Although non-essential, it would also be helpful to present users with core feedback in the case of failed submissions (e.g. if MDT requirements not satisfied) via an error log, alert messages, or some other form.

Plugin Platform Suggestions

Any application that can view and edit data and supports plugins is suitable. Some recommendations are made below based on integration potential, ease of use, and popularity.