Testing Sandbox

Safely test submissions and verifications to the Golden protocol
The Golden protocol offers an isolated testing environment that closely reflects the production knowledge graph, verification, and submission processes. This environment allows for the creation and testing of tools without the risk of losing testnet points or appearing as a bad actor on the protocol. Compared to the production environment we have made a few changes to this sandbox, namely:
  • Instant feedback on verification voting: verification consensus has been modified to only require 1 vote and triples retrieved from the verification queue are pulled from an accepted or rejected statuses. This allows you to check out the accuracy of your automated verification tools before staking on production.
  • Rolling graph data: data displayed on the testing environment will not be updated in live time. This data will be pulled from the production environment on a regular basis.


To use the sandbox simply replace the production API endpoint with the testing endpoint and use the GraphQL API or Python SDK (Godel) as normal.
Testing API endpoint:
Production API endpoint for reference:
Setting up the Python SDK (Godel) to use the testing sandbox:
from godel import GoldenAPI
API_URL = "" # <== Testing sandbox endpoint
goldapi = GoldenAPI(url=API_URL)

Visual interface

The sandbox also offers the GraphiQL visual interface where you can build and test queries through the browser. See: