API Submission and Verification FAQ

Frequently asked questions by Golden Protocol API users.

Are tasks performed through the API rewarded the same as tasks done through the dApp or Golden.com UI?

Currently yes, the method of content addition or verification is not a determining factor for earning testnet points. This may change in the future as the protocol develops.

Is there a way to target specific predicate types to verify?

No. We understand that many API users will create processes that work only on specific predicate types. Currently, a random unverified triple is assigned to each wallet during the verification process, with the choice to skip, accept, or reject. This process will be improved as testnet development continues.

Is there a way for non-technical users to become programmatic agents?

We are looking to empower users to input as much data as possible. We are interested in hearing what tools would be most useful for you, such as CSV bulk uploads, web scraping tools, or other data acquisition tools. We encourage you to suggest tools and work with other community members on the forum.