Python SDK (Godel)

Golden's Python SDK for its Decentralized Canonical Knowledge Graph
The Golden community highly encourages data-oriented developers to submit data in bulk to the knowledge graph protocol.
In order to help agents and developers programmatically submit data via the GraphQL API, Golden has provided an official open source Python SDK called Godel that provides tools like an API wrapper and web3 utility modules.
The following pages will provide additional guides and walkthroughs for ingesting data in the form of python code to help developers submit accurate and valuable data to Golden's protocol.


The Golden protocol allows users to query and contribute building the world's most extensive decentralized graph of canonical knowledge.
Godel is Golden's open-source Python SDK that will provide developers and agents with the tools and means to build applications and extend Golden's protocol.
Godel's repository includes a python package and software to help provide developers with an API wrapper, data processing framework, and web3 utility toolkit for programmatic data query and ingest.

Docker Setup

Run docker-compose build and then docker-compose up.
Go to localhost:8888 to run our tutorials in jupyter lab.
Images are built with data processing and compute in mind to aid users in their verification and ingest queries.


For all things related to godel and development, please contact the maintainer Andrew Chang at [email protected] or @achang1618 for any questions or comments.
For all other support, please reach out to [email protected]
Follow @golden to keep up with additional news!


This project is licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license